Spyder with Eden

Often we are asked the question, "Do Bengals get along with Children"? Emphatically we answer, "Yes"!

Bengals love children and children love Bengals!
We often find that our Bengals want to be right where the children are, knowing that they will be played with, loved and given huge amounts of attention!

Of course, all children are different and we recommend that before you decide on a pet for your child, that your child is taught the proper way to treat a pet.Dana and Cosmo take a CATnap! Whether your child is raised with the pet or the pet is new to the home, your child must be taught that pets are to be loved and not mistreated.

Here at KitznKatz, our greatest concern is not only if our Bengals will get along with the children but rather, will the children get along with the Bengal.

Tom and his Bengal, Joe Cool

Bengals love to play and for this reason, they can be a purrfect pet with children. They love to climb into a nice warm bed at night too and snuggle up. Many Bengals can be leash trained and this can be an excellent way for children to learn to bond with their pet.


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